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 I recently spent a long weekend with my family in Oklahoma. In spite of the blistering heat and searing humidity, I had the time of my life, as always. My family is as kooky as me, and we had a rip roaring good time telling tall tales, swimming, and eating home-smoked brisket. Needless to say, I’m stuffed full of lies, water, and excellent grub.  

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My book, which is still in the pre-named phase of writing (otherwise referred to as draft zero), is coming along 3quite nicely. Chloe is battling her legal partner for the next spot on the law firm letterhead, which was created when her mentor died in a compromising situation. Unfortunately, the other obvious candidate competing to become the next equity partner in the firm is womanizer and charmingly brilliant Mason, the man who irritates Chloe by day and consumes her dreams at night. Her struggle to keep her head on straight and her lady parts under control are constantly at odds with each other. She’s unsure whether she can win either battle while waging a personal war to fulfill her lifelong career dream. The gravitational pull from her secret desires for Mason may also cause her to lose the corporate war.
In other news, my trip to the Writer’s Digest Conference in New York is approaching with lightning speed. In addition to the lineup of masterful author speakers who’ve honed their craft along with agents and publishing houses galore, I am delighted to have the opportunity to spend an eight-hour day learning from master agent, Don Maas, himself. I’m tingly just writing his name down. Full report on the August conference soon.  


Romance authors occupy a unique place in the writing community. While we possess the freedom to write what moves us, we are bound by genre expectations. Recently, I pulled out my romance writing bible, Writing the Romantic Comedy by Billy Mernit, to review a genre rule. Even though Mernit waxes with expertise about screenplays, I find that the basic rules are identical to writing a novel in the same genre. As an experiment, I timed the necessary beats in one of my all-time favorite romantic comedies, Sleepless in Seattle (SIS).  


SIS is 170 minutes and nails the beats according to the romantic comedy genre. Here’s the breakdown.
Here’s an interactive Beat Sheet by Jami Gold if you need one

Until next time, keep on loving!  

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