Love’s Journey Book Excerpt by Ainsley Ashby


“Jimmie,” she called out to him from the kitchen. “It says here in the paper that there’s a big equestrian event just outside the city next weekend. Do you want to go?”

She was scanning the newspaper for details when he emerged from the upper level of her home. It wasn’t the first time he had woken in her bed, only to discover that she was already hard at work, preparing a gourmet breakfast before heading off for another day at the commercial kitchen.

“Actually, I already have plans to be there,” he admitted. “In fact, I’m registered to ride.”

Her fork clattered loudly into the stainless steel sink as she spun around to face him. “You’re what?” She scanned the advertisement. “This is an elite group of riders, Jimmie. Are you really that good?”

He twirled her around and stood behind her, wrapping one arm around her torso, while giving a squeeze to her bottom with the other. He pressed his lips against her cheek. “Are you suggesting that I don’t know how to ride?” he seductively asked.

She was turned in his arms, kissing him passionately, preparing for an impromptu morning moment of love when she abruptly pulled back. She shimmied back from the edge of the counter where he had set her down. “You’re avoiding the question,” she playfully accused. “Are you really riding in that competition?”

He pulled her back toward him, letting the edges of his robe fall open as he gave her an intense kiss. “I’m that good, Waverly,” he said emphatically, as he loosened the ties on her robe. “I’m that good, and I’m going to ride.”

Apart from moans and cries, she had been speechless after his revelations. She seemed to have been amazed and astonished, until moments later when their bodies finally came to rest. He wasn’t entirely sure that she had found the encounter as satisfying as he had, but for Jimmie, it had been an incredible rush to pull back one more layer of the proverbial onion to expose another bit of himself to her.

“Perhaps you’d like to come out my property and see me ride after work tonight,” he amorously invited, while Waverly gasped for breath.

“I’d like that,” she murmured, before slipping off the counter onto wobbly legs. She meticulously straightened her robe, before carefully tying it closed, and then set to work, finishing the preparation of French toast topped with whipped cream and strawberry puree he had so blatantly interrupted.

“I love you,” he murmured in her ear before reaching for the fresh-squeezed orange juice that was a part of every morning at her house. He poured two glasses, offering one to her, which she guzzled down before handing the glass back in his direction.

“I love you too,” she murmured with a coy smile.

She was an absolute treat to be with. Highly addictive, a constant handful, and extremely gratifying. It was definitely time for her to be a part of all aspects of his life.

When breakfast was complete and she was reenergized, Jimmie made the offer to tidy the kitchen so she could get to work on time. She had mentioned a produce delivery the night before as he was drifting off to sleep. Cleaning up the kitchen was the least he could do to help.

Waverly disappeared to shower and got dressed, promising to bring along dinner for them to share together at his rural property.

Jimmie smiled to himself as he jotted down the address and brief directions to the farm. This was going to be fun.