New Release by Ainsley Ashby ~ Author Interview and Book Excerpt

Love’s Journey

by Ainsley Ashby

Ainsley Ashby is a talented new writer of sweet to spicy, contemporary romance novels. Born in Canada, she lives with her two children in a small city where she works for a non-profit organization.

With characters that are mature, confident, and compelling, Ainsley’s inimitable tales will draw you in as you escape into a woven world of words. Characters will always be tested in some way, and with Ainsley’s brilliant guidance, they will face those challenges head on.

Well-paced and skillfully written, Ainsley’s books contain unpredictable twists that showcase the intelligence and clever wit of this exciting new author.

2nd Chance Romance welcomes Ainsley Ashby and is pleased to have a frank chat with her.  We are delighted that you’ve joined us today.

  1. When did you decide to seriously write a novel and why?

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